How do we describe ourselves? Sandra and I went to our partners and asked them to describe our personalities in as few words as possible. The results are clear. We embody our grannies in many ways. So we have named the blog after our inspiring grannies, Olive and Ada. Leigh (aka Olive) and Sandra (aka Ada) are:

Balanced: finding time for work, family, side projects.

Multi-faceted or polyvalent: unfocused in some ways, but managing to learn and try all sorts of things

Industrious: we are sometimes industriously all over the place

Ethical: good girls

Frugal: waste not want not, just like our grandmothers taught

Intuitive: like most women, we know what to do even when we don’t know what to do

We are driven by our hearts and short attention spans. We both love crafts, knitting, sewing, cooking, drawing, colourful photos, sharing our ideas. With this blog we aim to chase ideas randomly and honestly with very little analysis. Just showcase images of our lives and our trials and errors. Enjoy!


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