Patience is a virtue

February 10, 2010

Here is a hand knit sweater painstakingly crafted by my mother.  She spent hours getting the pattern correct and ripping back small errors until it was perfect.  Being an impatient knitter, the detail astounds me.  I am in awe.

– Olive

Granny's pillow - close up

This is a piece of needlework that my Granny Dolores made a long time ago and gave to me a few years back. I turned it into a pillow, with a backing in ivory raw silk. I really admire the work she put into this and can’t help but think that I’ll never complete something so involved. I get impatient just thinking about it, always wanting instant results. All these ‘quick project’ tutorials all over the place, we get to feeling like if we can’t get something completed in a day it’s just not worth it. I would like to make a goal of shedding that concept. It’s disposable.

These intricate, time-consuming, patience-building projects are the ones that we’ll be remembered by. Gotta slow down..

Which reminds me, there was a wonderful edition of Good magazine a week or so ago about “Slow”. A good inspiring read, including the handmade radio story!

– Ada